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"Gelem Gelem"

"Djelem Djelem" is the anthem of the Roma people and means "Travelling, Travelling".

«Nobody chooses to be or not to be Roma, we are born as elements belonging to a minority ethnic group with a very own identity. It is from there that we are identified as a group, as Roma.»

«On the one hand, we are learning to deal with the law and the fact that it defends us and not just incriminates us. On the other hand, the fall in street vending pushes our children to go to school in search of better living conditions in the future, which translates into a greater openness to the values and customs of the dominant society. In Portugal, Gypsy traditions are still very much alive and to preserve an ancient culture like ours, we need to be cohesive and united. Therefore, we have to live within the law and the dominant culture, but defending our values as Gypsies.»

«I am not ashamed to be Roma... although the mere fact of belonging to this ethnic group makes us have to deal with rejection.»

To speak of the Roma people presupposes that we speak of an ancient, nomadic and agraphic culture. According to many historians and anthropologists the origin of the Roma people can be found in India or Egypt, or even in Greece. The first Gypsies began to enter Europe around the 12th century, and several groups migrated...  [+ info]

PA/I [+ S2]: 279 x 356mm

Hw: Canon EOS 450D / EF 50mm f/1.8 STM
Sw: Adobe CC Photoshop 2015

The project “Gelem Gelem” was on display:

* Solo exhibition "OH!DiØ" at C. Artes de Águeda | 23/06 — 02/08, 2020

* Solo exhibition at U. Aveiro, Psychology Dept. | 22/05 — 04/06, 2018

* Solo exhibition at C. Cultural da Branca | 11/05 — 18/05, 2018

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