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"rai·o X"

"Domestic Violence", we try to understand what it means but we do not find clear concepts. We come across many nuances, divergent interpretations and a huge gap between progressives and conservatives in the way they perceive and approach the subject.

What is certain is: «Sometimes you can see it. It always hurts.»

Beyond what has been achieved in the last four decades, there is still much to be done, and it is hoped that with the evolution of the different technical domains and interdisciplinary relationships, the answers will be more timely, more integrating than punitive and respectful of the Individual and his Rights.

#Assédio (Harassment)

#Ciúme (Jealousy)

#Manipulação (Manipulation)

#Traição (Betrayal)

#Possessão (Possession)

#Agressividade (Aggressiveness)

#Paranóia (Paranoia)


The name of the series "rai-o X" comes from the material used in the production of the works, from accident victims or possible victims of violence. It was from the phrase "Sometimes you can see it. It always hurts." that the concept for the project was born: violence is not always visible, but it is real for the victim.

The series "rai-o X" comprises seven photographs. The titles chosen are inspired by writings relating to the "Seven Capital Sins" according to the Christian religion.

PA/I [+ S2]: 241 x 362mm

Hw: Canon EOS 450D / EF – S18 – 55mm f/ + X-rays
Sw: Adobe CC Photoshop 2015 / Adobe CC Illustrator 2015

The project "rai·o X" was on display:

* Solo exhibition at Loja do Cidadão de Aveiro | 29/11 — 31/12, 2016

* Solo exhibition at B. Municipal Manuel Alegre | 20/10, 2016

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