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"OH!DiØ" tries to understand, through several vehicles of expression: the absurd; racism; labour relations; xenophobia; minorities; human existence; opposing forces; the evolution of civilizations.

There are 26 works - photography + illustration + infographics + installation - that try to lead the public to reflect on what hate is and our capacity to hate, starting from the current geopolitical context, where we are witnessing an intensification of the polarization of societies.

"Mapæternum" (infographic) tries to establish a cultural-historical context. With the series "iQual" (self-portrait photography) I explore the issue of equality and the idea of the thought of Man being inviolable.

The series "Lábios Azul" (illustrations) pays tribute to all activists who dedicate themselves to universal causes. The series "Absurd", and based on Albert Camus' "Myth of Sisyphus", tries to explore the absurdity of defining a person by their work, i.e. a person is bigger than the function they perform.

With the installation "iQuilibrium" I want to provoke a moment of reflection to the viewer when confronted with what is best and worst in human beings.

The series "Gelem Gelem", family portraits of a gypsy community, pays tribute to a minority that has long been stigmatized and unfortunately serves as a scapegoat for many political agents to ride on prejudice.

I believe that hate is taught, therefore people can be taught not to hate.

The exhibition "OH!DiØ" was on display at CAA | 23/06 — 02/08, 2020

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